Anthony, Tony, A.J., 21
Located in The Greatest City in the World
I am a number of things a Son and Friend.
I am like all of you unique.
So you just have to follow me on this journey called life to find out what it is all about.

So sit back relax, and enjoy.

That’s just how life is on this planet — messy, fast, out of control, unpredictable. It’s all terribly interesting, but also terribly unstable. I dropped the myth of BALANCE a long time ago. (I buried it right next to PERFECT.) My life seems happiest — as I tried to explain to this young woman the other night — when I just surrender to the madness, and embrace the glorious mess that I am…and also when I embrace the glorious mess that everyone else is, and the glorious mess of the world itself. My life gets the most painful when I try to set the entire mess (myself other people, life itself) into order. By Elizabeth Gilbert (via liquid-diamonds-flowing)